Burns So Good: A Young Justice Fanfic

This was inspired by today’s new episode of the Young Justice TV show “Targets” by the fact that neither Robin nor KF showed up in the episode and several of the people on my dash began discussing how they were probably having a secret date while the others were away. I had originally intended for this to take an entirely different route but the characters sort of took on a life of their own and this is what happened. Enjoy!

Title: Burns So Good

Author: Tyrror

Pairings: Dick Grayson (Robin)/ Wally West (Kid Flash)

Rating: T - Language and mild Slash

Summary: With the rest of the team out of the cave for the day, Robin and Kid Flash are left to find ways to entertain themselves and possibly learn some things about each other in the process.

Warnings: Here Thar Be Boylovins and the occasional taking of the lords name in vain

Disclaimer: As much as I would love to take Wally home and cuddle him forever, I neither own him nor any of the other characters and locations mentioned here within

Chapter 2

“Dude,” Wally leaned against the back of the couch beside the other boy’s head for just long enough to spout the single word before he vanished again and appeared just as suddenly on his other side after doing yet one more sweep of the mountain. “Where is everyone?”

What,” Robin smirked, flicking the channels on the TV in what he was hoping was the most bored manner he could muster before hitting the power button and watching the screen fizzle to black, turning to face the redhead as he threw himself onto the sofa next to the smaller boy. “Am I not good enough anymore?”

Well you are rather lacking, you know,” the ginger gestured vaguely to the area in front of his chest and grinned lewdly at his best friend, “up top…”

He really should have seen the punch coming, Dick thought, and there’s a good possibility that the other boy did and just didn’t bother to move out of the way but the ultimate result was that the overly dramatic redhead was now lying on his side on the floor and clutching at his arm in mock agony.

Dude! It’s not my fault you don’t have a bodacious rack like a certain lovely green lady we all know and love!”

Dick’s laugh rang out at the absurdity of the statement like the kid he was and it was one of those rare moments when he was comfortable enough to let out a real laugh as Dick Grayson and not the paranoia inducing cackle that Robin was so famous for. Then again, this was one of the few moments when Dick really could just be Dick; it was just he and Wally and sure they were in the mountain, but they were in civvies and the others were nowhere to be found and for once he didn’t have to worry about being Robin the Boy Wonder or even the ward of Bruce Wayne…he could just be Dick for a little while and it made him smile when he pulled the other boy to his feet with a little more force than might have been necessary.

Yeah,” he chuckled, “you wouldn’t like me as much if I did.”

Oh really,” the redhead retorted, stroking at his nonexistent beard and quirking an eyebrow in a poor attempt at being provocative, “Do you want to bet on that?”

As a matter of fact, I do.” And Dick to that last step forward to place himself firmly within the personal space of his best friend.

It took them all of exactly six seconds before they couldn’t hold back the laughter any longer and they collapsed in a pile of arms and legs on the couch, clutching onto each other for support in a vain attempt to not fall onto the floor.

You sounded,” Dick gasped as he tried and failed miserably to control himself before dissolving into giggles again. “You sounded like the main character from one of those cheesy, black and white chick flicks!”

In an instant the smaller boy was looking into the half-lidded green eyes of his best friend from a few mere inches, a strong hand on his chin while the older boy practically whispered directly into his mouth.

My dear,” he started, his voice dropping far lower than natural for the hyperactive speedster, “I’m afraid that I have some terrible news. I am to away for far distant lands in search of adventure and freedom…”

Robin snorted once…then again. His lips pursed tight and suddenly Wally was on top of him, his face pressed into Dick’s chest while the taller boy clung to his sweatshirt and they both shook back and forth in laughter that was only silent because they were no longer able to breathe enough to make noise. Their renewed laughter eventually subsided and when it did Dick weakly pushed the other boy out of his lap and onto the sofa next to him.

You’re heavy,” he muttered.

You know you like it,” Wally mumbled back just as effectively and he was rewarded with a weak thump to the chest before the Boy Wonder slid slowly to his left and came to rest with his temple on the redhead’s shoulder.

But really,” Wally said, “Where is everyone?”

School, I think. It’s M’gann and Supey’s first day, that should be fun.”

The younger boy lazily traced patterns on the faded blue jeans covering his best friend’s thigh while he spoke, perfectly content to just be for awhile. Wally shifted into a slightly more comfortable position causing Dick’s head to slip just far enough that he had to readjust himself as well and as he went back about his task of tracing invisible lines in the other boys clothing he suddenly realized that there was already a series of small lightening bolts doodled in blue ink just above the ginger’s knee and his fingers wandered over of their own accord. The body under his ministrations shuddered slightly as he traced that first bolt, and Robin chuckled lightly to himself.

Don’t tell me that the amazing Kid Flash, wonder of all superheroic wonders, is ticklish.” The smaller boy snarked.


Wally sounded like he was desperately close to one of his infamous ‘Instantaneous Power Naps’, so named because the boy could run like the energizer bunny for hours on end but get him to hold still for more than a few seconds and he was out cold in an instant. Dick smiled at the fact that he was one of the few who could actually get the hyperactive redhead to stay calm for long enough to have that effect and he continued tracing the little bolts in the cloth underneath his finger, imagining that he was filling each one in with a different color as his fingertip ran the outline. The boy underneath him sighed slightly, the sound rumbling through his chest and vibrating into the parts of Dick that were leaned up against him however the vibrations lasted far longer than the sound itself and it was a few seconds before the Boy Wonder realized that his best friend was unconsciously buzzing. The noise caused by the redheads energy sounded oddly reminiscent of purring and filled the whole room with a deep sense of contentment that Dick had no intention of arguing with. Closing his big blue eyes from behind his sunglasses, the younger boy had a moment of thinking that maybe he would join Wally in his power nap, relaxing against the vibrating shoulder that was oh so warm until suddenly it was far too warm and he reared back causing the redhead to snap back to reality and stare down at the surprised look on his face.

Oh shit, Rob.”

The place where his temple had been pressed to the older boys shoulder twinged slightly and he knew that if he could see it, it would be bright red like a bad sunburn; but it wasn’t a sunburn because it had been caused by the vibrating boy beside him and the powers of sheer friction. A pale hand reached out and green eyes leaned close as Wally brushed his thumb gently along the boarder of the mark.

I’m so sor…” The redheads apology died on his lips as noise worked its way from Robin’s throat that could only be classified as a moan and those green eyes got even larger than they had already been.

Mmm,” Dick hummed under his breath, “Burns so good…”

Eyes that had been closed snapped open as he realized what he’d just accidentally said out loud and slivers of blue met wide and staring green over the rim of his glasses where they had slid down his nose.

Do you…” Wally stammered in bewilderment which, albeit, was not horribly uncommon for Wally but in this moment just seemed to draw out the moment to an unbearably long total.

Do you like that?” he finally questioned, rubbing his thumb over the burn again and eliciting a shudder out of the small boy in front of him.

Dick tried to turn his head away but, with Wally’s hand cupping his cheek and his thumb stroking the newly sore spot on his face the best he could seem to muster was to twitch his eyes down towards the floor where he found a sudden inexplicable interest in one of the coffee table’s legs.

That’s…that’s kinda hot.” Wally muttered after a moment of silence, causing Robin to shift his gaze back to the other boy only to find him so much closer than he had been the last time he looked into those eyes.

That’s a terrible pun,” Robin heard himself say through his daze and almost kicked himself for what he assumed would ruin whatever this was but then Wally slipped forward another fraction of an inch and he almost physically felt the mental haze wash over him.

Wally’s breath was hot on his face and his thumb continued to absentmindedly stroke the small burn and before Dick could fully comprehend what had happened he found himself falling back on the couch, Wally’s lips pressed against his own. Of all the dignified and proper responses Robin could have chosen at that moment, he most likely would not have chosen squeaking were he in any form in control of himself as he thumped lightly against the couch cushions and the ginger maneuvered carefully over him so as not to break their impromptu lip lock, smiling into the kiss as the smaller boy’s surprised utterance leaked out from between where their mouths met. Dick wasn’t quite sure when he had wound his fingers into Wally’s hair or how long he had been trying to pull the other boy even closer, but once the actions became conscious again all could think was this was most definitely not how he had planned to spend a day with the rest of the team out of the way but he was certainly not going to complain as he groped the air for Wally’s Tee-shirt with his free hand and pulled the boy flush against him.

Recognized: Artemis”

The robotic voice rang out through the halls causing Robin to jolt unceremoniously upright and crack his forehead into the one above him which let out a grunt before the redhead rolled off him and onto the floor below.

Shit,” Dick cursed under his breath, “Where are my glasses?”

Moments before the blonde girl walked into the room he felt the cool plastic of his dark lenses slip onto his face and would have sighed in relief were she not looking right at him with a questioning gaze while Kid Flash sat on the other side of the room in a chair that was most definitely not anywhere near the other boy’s slightly flushed face.

Hey Boy Wonder, Kid Klutz. What’s up?”

Wally glared at her for a moment before pulling down on one eyelid and sticking out is tongue and vanishing from the room in a gust of wind that made Robin chuckle slightly because, even in moments like this, Wally was still Wally. He watched as the blonde continued to glare down the now vacant chair before turning back to the only other person in the room and plastering a quizzical look on her face.

Is there any particular reason you’re wearing your glasses upside down?”


It had taken Robin several minutes to politely excuse himself from the company of the girl and by the time he finally made it to his room there was a folded slip of paper held to the middle of his door by a clear piece of tape and he was forced to smile at Wally’s inability to do anything like a normal human being.


Want to catch a movie later? Maybe get some dinner? On me?’

The note ended with a lopsided smiley face next to a poorly drawn lightening bolt instead of a signature and Dick was pretty sure that he was doing a rather good imitation of that tiny, crooked grin scrawled on the paper as he read the words over again. Pulling a pen out of his pocket, he turned the sheet over to the blank side and quickly scrawled a response then, just as he was about to put the pen away, added one last touch and slipped it under the door across the hall.

'6:00pm. Sharp.

P.S. Told you that you liked me better without anything “up top”…’

He had barely turned to walk away when the door behind him opened and, in a rush of wind and light and colour, he felt the cold steal of the door pressed against his back and had just enough time to register that he was now on the inside of Wally’s room before there was a warm, slightly vibrating body pressed so very close to his own and god damn it if he didn’t squeak again!