Burns So Good - Chapter 2: A Young Justice Fanfic

Well, I went and did it now. Not only did I decide that this fic deserved to be more than one chapter but I made it totally not safe for work…possibly not safe for anywhere else either. In the long run, though, I actually had a lot of fun with this and it once again took off in a direction I hadn’t really planned and I’m more or less pleased with how it turned out. While I just finished this chapter right now, I already have most of chapter 3 and 4 written as I kept having ideas and had to open more word docs to get them down before I forgot. I’m also planning a follow up story which I’ve completed the first chapter of (yes, I am insane). Hope you enjoy.

Title: Burns so Good - Chapter 2

Chapter Title: Kid Gloves

Author: Tyrror

Rating: NC-17 - Lets face it, this is just porn on paper.

Summary: Wally and Dick had their first kiss, nearly got caught by one over observant archer and had gotten as far into the planning of their first date as knowing what time they were meeting until Wally had to fuck everything up…or did he?

Warnings: Porn, gayness, porn, foul language, porn, sarcasm, did I mention porn?

Disclaimer: Now I really wish I owned them…or at least had visiting privileges

Dick stared through tinted glass at what he was slowly beginning to realize were some of the most amazing green eyes he’d ever seen and repressed the urge to shiver which was surprisingly hard to do giving how cold the door at his back was. With a careful slowness that the shorter boy was certain had to be almost painful for his speedy companion, the redhead used both of his hands to slide the glasses from his face and fold them carefully closed before slipping them on top of his nearby dresser. With the same agonizing slowness, and he knew from personal experience it was agonizing for the other boy, Wally moved his hands to cup the other boy’s face before pressing their foreheads together and bracing himself against the door again. Those eyes were boring into him like the other boy was trying to drink all the blue out of his newly revealed orbs, and he could feel the hands next to his head shaking harder with every moment in a futile attempt at holding still to the point that Dick figured he should do something, anything, before the other boy simply vibrated himself apart.

“Wally,” he laughed nervously, “I’m not going to break.”

“I already hurt you,” the speedster’s voice sounded strained, like he was afraid even that small movement was going to be a mistake.

“And if you recall,” Dick said sighing, “I wasn’t exactly adverse to it.”

He thought about the way Wally’s hand had caressed the side of his face, brushing the burn over and over while the redhead pinned him to the couch and stole his first kiss in the most spectacular fashion he could have possibly asked for then, swallowing thickly, closed the distance between their lips and moaned into the contact. Wally, however, simply stood there, his green eyes wide and his body shaking even more than it had just moments before. Dick wrapped his arms around the taller boys neck, feeling the almost painful vibrations running through the other boy, and breathed out against the ginger’s lips.

“Wally, please, kiss me back.”

He almost felt something physically snap in the other boy as his resolve gave way and the wind was forced from his chest when he was crushed back into the cold steel behind him, his lips bruising with the other boy’s force. Wally groaned loudly as he finally let himself go, pulling the arms wrapped around his neck up and interlacing their fingers as he stretched the shorter boy up, forcing him onto his toes and causing him to gasp as he left those lips to kiss along the boys jaw up to his ear.

“I’m sorry.”

The whisper came out more like a plea and less like an apology as he nipped the ear lightly and moved slowly down the other boys neck. Over and over those two words fell from his lips as moved lower and lower, trying and failing to move the collar of Dick’s shirt out of the way with his nose when he discovered that he’d run out of skin to taste.


The redheads’s face snapped up in front of him, eyes full of fear as if he had juts realized what he was doing. He looked up at where he had Dick’s hands were pinned to the door and down to where his feet barely touched the ground; took in the flushed skin and the bite near his collar and the fact that Dick was breathing so hard and suddenly Dick was standing alone and Wally was pressed against the wall across the room with his mouth moving noiselessly and terror written all over his face.

Oh god,” the redhead started as Dick started walking towards him in confusion, “Oh god…I didn’t…I’m so sorry. I just…you were there and then you told me to kiss you and, fuck. I didn’t even ask. I…I didn’t even know what I was doing. It just felt so good and all I knew was I wanted you but I didn’t even ask and ohmygodDickI’msosorrymmmrph…”

Wally’s lips were warm and quivering slightly by the time Dick made it all the way across the room and molded himself back into the speedster, pressing one palm into the other boy’s chest to insure he stayed where he was. He pulled that shaking lower lip into his mouth for just a second, pressing down with his teeth before he spoke his mind directly into the taller boy’s mouth.

Shut up, Wally.” He pressed another hard kiss on the petrified boy beneath him who finally started to respond and smiled into the other boy’s now slowly working mouth. “Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.”

He punctuated each short sentence with another press of his lips on the redhead’s now well bruised mouth and ran his hands through that flyaway hair, grabbing a handful as Wally’s arms finally wrapped around his back and pressed him close.

Shut up and stop treating me like I’m going to explode if you treat me with anything more than kid gloves. You know full well that I could kick your ginger ass if I was even half as unsure about any of this as you seem to think I am so you had better damn well remind me why you brought me in here or I’m going to walk out that door and pretend that none of this ever happened and you will never, ever get a second…”

The last word never made it out of his mouth as he landed on something soft and ever so slightly warm and he realized that he was on the bed and Wally was hovering over him and grinning that stupid smile of his again as if he hadn’t just had an existential crisis moments ago before he leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on the Boy Wonder’s lips.

Actually, Rob, I was originally just going to give you one kiss and say I was excited for our date but then.” He pulled back a little and his grin wavered slightly, switching from the comfortable smirk he normally wore to the fake one he sometimes put on when trying to brush off things that bothered him. “Then you were just there and I didn’t know what to do and you kissed me and I just lost it. It…it scared me…to think that I…”

Robin grinned at the startled noise the other boy made when he flipped them over, straddling his waist and staring down into wide, green eyes that shimmered with confusion. The grappling line was in his hand before he had even finished the thought, pulled from where his belt was hidden inside is sweatshirt like always, and then it was only seconds before Wally’s hands were lashed to the headboard of his own bed.

I told you,” Dick purred in a voice he didn’t even know he possessed, “No kid gloves.”

Wally flexed his arms after the initial shock had worn off and he realized what had just happened, frowning slightly when the best he could do was wrap his slender fingers around the bars that made up the headboard for a slightly more comfortable position.

Seriously dude? Bondage? I figured things wouldn’t start getting kinky until at least the third date.”

Dick leaned down slowly, listening to Wally groan as he flexed his hips slightly around the other boys waist to get a better position, and stopped just shy of the other boys lips. There was a moment of just staring into those green eyes, his blue ones shimmering with mischief and something else that the redhead had never seen aimed in his direction before the boy kneed him gently in the side and whispered, “Shut up, Wally.”

It was gentle at first, like Dick wanted them to start from the beginning again; little kisses and smiles, his hands tracing through the other boy’s hair, along his neck, down onto his chest and down his sides which caused the redhead to shake with repressed laughter. He smiled again and pressed just a little bit harder into those sides, turning that laughter into a moan and that was the moment when Dick lost himself.

Wally’s mouth was warm and open and his tongue worked of its own accord as he slipped into that waiting orafice, truly tasting the speedster for the first time and involuntarily rocking his hips against Wally bringing another moan from his throat. He could feel a familiar hardness snaking down the other boys pantleg as he tried to grind back up into the boy above him and one of Dick’s hands slid down further still to press just there, through the layers of cloth, causing the redhead to nearly scream into his mouth. He traced it slowly with his fingertips, taunting the poor teenager underneath him with gentle pressures and the occasionally unexpected grinding pressure as Wally’s hips bucked out of his control trying to find something, anything, to press himself against. The boy’s body arched against him without warning, causing Dick to lose his precious hold on that warm, warm mouth and he settled for biting gently on the dip where his chest met his neck earning him another shuddering moan.

Rob,” Wally panted, his voice tight and his breath uneven, “Dick…they don’t call me the fastest boy alive for nothing.” His body twitched suddenly under Robin’s dual ministrations and the rest of his words came out in a breathless rush, “And I’m going to live up to the worst part of that name if you keep this up.”

Who said there can’t be a round two?” Dick questioned smoothly, leaving his work on Wally’s neck only as long as he needed to before finding the now prominent wet spot in the boy’s jeans indicating where the head of his organ was and pressing down with two fingers. That was all it took to push the older boy over the edge.

The pale body underneath him thrashed up against him, curses and nonsense words stringing from his mouth as Dick made sure to keep gently moving his hand over the twitching member in the other boy’s pants while he rode out his orgasm, soaking his own jeans and seeping out onto his lover’s palm. His breath was ragged as he finally collapsed, spent and exhausted under Robin’s weight and the predatory bird smiled at his handiwork, slipping off the redhead to lay next to him with his head resting on the older boy’s heaving chest. It was several minutes before Wally even attempted to move, remembering with a groan that his arms were tied above his head and looking down at Dick pleadingly before he sighed as his hands were finally set free.

That,” Wally took another deep breath of air like the room might run out of it soon, “was amazing, babe.”

I am not one of your generic, girly pet names.” The other boy responded in fake anger, jabbing him in the ribs with a single finger and causing him to flinch.

Of course you’re not, buttercup.” He grinned when that earned him a proper, openhanded slap to the chest which was powered more by gravity than the ragged teen the hand was attached to.

Mmm, can I just…” Dick curled himself further into Wally’s side and took a deep, steady breath before letting his entire body unwind and relax against the other boy.

Yeah,” Wally responded dreamily, “it’s been a long, long, long, long time since anyone’s made me want to stay completely still.”

So you enjoyed being tied up?” Dick asked, shifting his head to look up at Wally and grinning as the other boy slowly started to turn pink.

I…I’m not so sure about that,” He started, licking is lips and working himself up to something, “but doing the other stuff, you know…with my pants on the whole time…”

He trailed off and smiled sheepishly at the younger boy before shifting his gaze to look at something, anything else in the room. Dick smiled into his side and just let himself relax for another second before saying what was on his mind.

I liked it too,” he started, “but do you think that we could, um, slow down…a bit.” The look in Wally’s eyes told everything he needed to know in a second and he pressed down with the flat of his hand to ensure the other boy didn’t say anything before he could finish.

Wally, don’t. You didn’t do anything wrong and I’m not mad and I really, really did enjoy this…all of it,” he said as his ears started to burn, “I was just, kind of thinking, that maybe we should do things a little more proper from here on out and if we still can’t stop ourselves and wind up jumping each other like rabid bunnies in a pheromone shop then at least we gave it a shot but I’m just kind of going out on a limb here and hoping that the boy who stole my heart ages ago and my first kiss today might wait to take my virginity until at least tomorrow.”

Dick had slowly raised up from Wally’s chest as he talked until he was sitting next to the other boy turning more and more red by the moment and eventually smiling after making, what he thought at least, was a moderately good joke. Looking into the ever widening pool of green and white that were Wally’s eyes, however, proved that only one person in the room took it as such.

Your…oh god…your first…I stole…oh god…”

And then Dick punched him in the face. Hard.